by The People of Tomorrow

Arne Quinze, Tomorrowland & De Schorre are building a state-of-the-art, permanent public artwork and invite the whole world to help. more info here!

My Secret Garden / Rockstrangers Book

Arne Quinze invited author Saskia de Coster for a unique project that will enlargen the scope of both the Rock Strangers project (Ostend) and the Secret Garden exhibition (Rotterdam).

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A conversation with
Gilbert Perlein

The reason that in a sense I took my lead from him was because I knew that his expertise lay in handling a dialogue with the city, the town and its architecture .

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An Interview by
Kjeld Kjeldsen

The question of how people live in the city or in nature is a constant recurring theme in Arne Quinze's work. Kjeld Kjeldsen, curator at the Louisiana Museum for Modern Art, is fascinated by the way he tries to answer this question.

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