Evoking communication and social interaction is Arne Quinze’s biggest artistic driving force. Primarily by means of his large-scale constructions located in public places, he has amazed many a passer-by. Cities like open-air museums: building and realizing attractive cities is a recurring theme in his conviction that our society benefits from being confronted with works of art. Art has a positive influence on the general feeling of wellbeing and gives people the opportunity to open up to different approaches to that, which they are looking at. Turning negative attitudes into positive ones and assuring that people are not afraid to talk to strangers is the exact way in which human relations should evolve. Public art is therefore Arne Quinze's means to achieve this.

His sculptures generate an effect on the urban surroundings and architectural context. These works of art provide people with a framework, which can be used to pause and reflect on the identity of the place where they currently are. By means of the confrontation with public installations, people can rediscover the city and regain their sense of pride about their cities. Artists therefore just have to go out there and stir emotions in order to make people reflect on the exact meaning of art and how it influences their lives. Museums and arts centres can only benefit from such public interactions.

i want to create cities
like open air museums